Perry's Delight
Glossies in the Grose
Mt Hay Spring Blooms
Windswept Lockley's
Golden Perry's
Mt Hay from Lockley's
Trio in the Heath
Heath Like Jewels at Lockley's
Mist after the Fire at Lincoln's
Grey Govett's
Afternoon Blue at Lockley's
Mt Hay Autumn Sunset 2020
Govett's Before the Flames
Missing Lincoln's
Burnt Mt Solitary from Lincoln's
Swirly Swishy Flat Rock
Blackheath from Lockley's
Burnt Banksia at Lockley's
Towards Lockley's Nipple
Bush Love
Lockley's Looking East
Racing the Storm
End of day Shadows at Lockley's
Blue Wave to Blackheath
Rock and Mountains
Beautiful Blueys
Mt Banks and Lockley's
Blue View to Blackheath
Grey Day
Mt Hay with Una
The Mist Swallows the Mountains
Boar's Head, Katoomba
Lockley's to Blackheath Blue
Pinks in the Bush
A Little Glow
Golden Light at Govett's
Wondrous Shadows at Lockley's
Burnt Cliff and Mist
A Foggy Day
Fire and New Growth
Flat Rock Sings
Reflection After Rain
Mt Solitary Sunset
Sunset Rock, Mt Vic
Cheeky Boar's Head
Layers and Layers
Cliff Top at Mount Hay
Boar's Head Pink Study
So Green After the Flames
Why Didn't They call This Eagle's Head
Blue Mist at Boar's Head
Storm's a Comin'
Deep Blue at Lockley's
Cliffs and Mist
Boar's Head Portrait
Mist at Lincoln's
On the Way Home
Lockley's Rocky Path
Looking North from Lockley's
Mountain Light
Early Morning Rocky Point
Mist Rolling In
Boar's Head GrassesOil on canvas 36 x 36cm SOLD
Lockley's Clouds and Shadows
Winter Rocks Mt Hay
That Rainy Day in the Kanimbla
Dead Trees at Boar's Head
Flatrock Dreaming
Path at Lockley's
Katoomba Through the Trees
Grassy Flat Rock
Golden Flat Rock Sunset
Jigsaw Rocks
Windy, Wonderful Lincoln's
Rock Like a Lizard
Mt Solitary from Landslide
Landslide Lookout Facing Southwest
Lincoln's for Felicity
Glowing Boar's Head
Pearlescent Sky at Lincoln's
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