Little Rock Pools
Wildflowers and Mount Solitary
Looking South from Porter’s Pass
East to West, Landslide - Message for detail/separate panels
Shadows Through the Casuarinas
Sun Rays at Butterbox
Golden Glow from Landslide to Mt Solitary
After Dusk, Butterbox
Baby Flannels at Butterbox
Flat Rock Is Not Grey
The Poetry of Wind
Windy Night
Medlow With the Dogs
Golden Glow at Landslide
Goulburn River Gums
Behind the Hydro
Going to Gulgong
Boar's Head Stormy Sunset
Is it Going to Rain?
Over the Cliff
Heaven Beyond Cox's Rd
Lockley's Grasses
Light Through the Trees
Path to Lockley's
Walking Back from Lockley's
Coming Back
For the Love of Trees
Lockley's After the Fire
Govett's Before
Hampton Gums
My Autumn Backyard
Narrow Neck from Landslide
From the Mountains to the City
Up on the Rocks, Evan's Crown