Flat Rock Is Not Grey
Close Up on the Edge
Over the Cliff
Goulburn River Gums
Catch the Wind
Boar's Head Stormy Sunset
Pink Galahs in the Grose
The Fire Laid Bare the Rocks at Lockley's
Is it Going to Rain?
Burnt But Surviving
Katoomba Dreaming
Butterbox Point
Hampton Winter Dawn
West of Lincoln's
NE from Lockley's
'Fire On' Bell's Line of Road
Stormy Monday
Red Lichen Atop Butterbox
Wondrous Evan's Crown, Tarana
Magpie Hollow Rd
Heaven Beyond Cox's Rd
Lockley's Sunset East
Lockley's Grasses
Light Through the Trees
Path to Lockley's
Walking Back from Lockley's
Coming Back
Rocks and Mountains
For the Love of Trees
Lockley's Burnt Heath
Lockley's After the Fire
Glimpse of the Grose
Govett's Before
Hampton Gums
My Autumn Backyard
Blue Horizon
Mt Hay Dreaming
Poplars on the way to Tarana
Poplar Reflections, Tarana
Narrow Neck from Landslide
Up on the Rocks, Evan's Crown
Rock on a Rock, Evan's Crown
Twilight, Returning From Butterbox