Many Things
Two Banksias
Lee's Tea Cosy
The Rocking Horse
A Big Mix
Dried Natives
Birthday Flowers
A Serious Arrangement
Favourite Op Shop Find
Flannel Flower and Triangles
Grace Crowley Scarf
Swirling Proteas
Simon's Vase
Lilacs and 16 Candles
Flowers and Blue Background
Three Handled Vase
Pincushion Hakea
Lovely Grey Natives
My Sister Made This Vase
Garden Clippings
Geraniums and Paper Daisies
Lilies and Proteas
Bluebird and Gumnuts
Exotics and Native Foliage
Robot and Roses
Woolly Bush and Proteas
For Ruth
Amongst Friends
Roses from Clare
Small Daisies, Smaller Jar
The Money or the Box - Self-portrait
Lee's Tiny Vase
Blooms and Pods
The Observed - a Self-portrait
Twenty minutes is a Long Time - Self-portrait
Mark's Gift
Brand New Ezra
What to Wear?
Flannel Flower and Velvet Skirt
Flannel Flower's and Mum's Vase
The Big and the Small of it
Grevillea and Fish Bottle
Dorrigo Waratah
Mum and Dad's Bromeliads
Banksias, Daisys and Devils
Jocelyn's Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas and My Old Stuff
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